Lemon a perfect Health Supplement

Lemon is a little yellow fruit with a pleasant smell and it has been generally used in the form of juice, teas, dressing and drinks. The lemon fruit is usually eaten in slices or added to foods and beverages because the unique flavor it produces is preferred by most of the people. Though it is considered as a healthy fruit because it is a rich source of Vitamin C it has numerous other elements and properties that can offer numerous health benefits while adding flavor and aroma to your food, or even when applied topically.

Nutrients in Lemon

A medium-sized lemon contains only 20 calories and the main constituents are carbohydrates and water. The other nutrients include

• Fiber
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin B6
• Potassium
• Citric Acid
• Hesperidin
• Diosmin
• Eriocitrin
• D-Limonene

Benefits of Lemons revealed

Lemon and cardiovascular health
Recent studies indicate that Vitamin C is not only good for your teeth, but it is also useful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases. The low level of Vitamin C in the blood, especially, among those who are overweight or those who have high blood pressure, has been linked to increased risk of stroke. Lemon which is a rich source of Vitamin C and plant compounds like Hesperidin and diosmin play a vital role in reducing the risk factors for heart diseases. The Isolated fibers in the lemon reduce the blood cholesterol levels and the essential oils in it prevent oxidation of LDL.

Lemon and Kidney Health
The citric acid in lemon is known to increase the urine volume, which would flush away the toxins in your body and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

Lemon prevents Anemia
Iron deficiency is the cause for Anemia. Though lemon contains very little iron, it is very effective in preventing Anemia because the vitamin C and the citric acid in the lemon help to increase the iron absorption capacity of your body from other foods.

Lemon and Cancer Prevention
The plant compounds in the Lemon like hesperidin and d-limonene (found mostly in the lemon peel) are very useful to reduce the risk of getting many types of cancers. Eriocitrin an antioxidant present in the peel and juice of the lemon plays a major role in preventing cell damage and fighting against free radicals and prevents cancer.

The lemon, fruit, pulp and the peel have medicinal properties that are very useful in preventing many diseases and since the effectiveness of the plant compounds is not high in lemon juice, health professionals recommend eating the whole fruit to obtain maximum benefit.


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