Hidden facts about Lemon

Some of the well -known health facts about lemon are its immunity boosting power, anti-bacterial and antiviral properties, as an aid in weight loss, as a digestive aid and a liver cleanser. Eating lemons and using them in food preparations have been done with these basic benefits in mind. But there are a lot more benefits that the little yellow fruit can offer, which most of us are ignorant of.


Facts about lemon

• The Citric acid and the Vitamin C present in a serving of lemonade or lemon water accounts for about 187% of the daily value of Vitamin C. These along with esperitin and naringenin are very effective in preventing free radicals that can cause damage to the cells and lead to heart diseases.

• The citric acid in lemon aids in digestion and also prevents the formation of kidney stones.

• The ascorbic acid in the lemon is a natural antioxidant and it is effective in preventing scurvy

• Slice of lemon about 5mm in thickness when placed onto the corn in the leg and fastened with a bandage to get rid of it. Lemon essential oil could be dabbed on to the calluses to accelerate the healing process.

• A lemon wrap with a mixture of honey and lemon will help in dealing with skin infections such as eczema and will counter the urge to scratch.

• Sucking the juice of the fruit directly by inserting a straw on the top of the fruit acts as a thirst quencher for travelers and explorers. Lemon juice is an effective thirst quencher and it helps fight fatigue. It is also an effective antiseptic and is capable of preventing allergy and illness that arise when you use different water supplies.

• Lemons are effective in preventing bad breath that results from insufficient salivation, consuming certain spices, taking alcohol or smoking.

• Pectin in lemon along with the other elements is capable of boosting blood circulation and can lower cholesterol.

• Though bitter, the lemon juice has an alkaline effect on the body. Hence, it acts against the excess acid and helps to manage rheumatism. Lemon oil has pain relieving properties and prevents inflammation and eases the pain.

• Freshly squeezed lemon juice in lukewarm water after every meal stimulates the acid production in the stomach by activating the stomach muscles.

Lemons are also found to be effective in treating chills and fevers. They are low In calories and high on medicinal properties. That is exactly why they are popular. There might still be many hidden facts about lemon that future studies would reveal.