Apt Uses of Lemon Essential Oils

The refreshing scent of lemons and their pale yellow color work strikingly right on any kind of ambience. The aromatherapy radically uses lemon essential oils for various treatment techniques. The best part about the lemon oils is that it can blend easily with any other oil and create magical consequences in the desirable manners.

Let us learn how you can put lemon essential oils to use in different ways:

Good for stomach: Use lemon oil in cooking or dressing of salads and recipes. Lemon oil helps n alleviating various stomach problems such as acidity, gastronomic issues, stomach cramps etc. The simple method to use lemon essential oil in your diet is by putting a few drops of it in water before consumption.

Boosting immune system: Lemon is known for rich content of vitamin C and several other nutrients. These qualities of lemon which are prominent in lemon essential oils prepare our body to fight various diseases and infections. Rub these oils on your feet daily before going to sleep, it will give you much relief in conditions such as cold and influenza.

Cure the throat infections: Our throat becomes soar due to environmental bacteria and our body’s weak immune system. It can be treated by gargling with warm water containing 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil.

Soothe the scalp: Lemon is a powerful ingredient against various scalp related problems. Add 2-3 drops of lemon oil to your regular massaging oil and give a nice massage to your scalp. This will eliminate any stances of dandruff off the scalp and lock the moisture in the roots of the hair. Your hair will become shinier and bouncy without using any conditioner.

Not only this, lemon oils will provide deep cleansing effects to the roots of the scalp thus cleaning it off any dirt and impurities. The neat and clean follicles germinate and improve the growth of hair.

Action against allergies: Lemon essential oils provide defense mechanisms against various allergies and asthmatic symptoms. Keep a small bottle of lemon essential oil with you all the time and inhale it at regular intervals. You can put a few drops of this oil on your collars or neck boundary line to ensure that the air you breathe is fresh and cleansed.