Lemon Tea-The Facts You Need to Know!

These days most of the celebrities endorse lemon tea which is often termed as “just a fad”! While the benefits of lemon tea have been far realized, people need to understand why lemon tea should become an essential part of their daily diet.
First of all, it doesn’t contain caffeine and nicotine which adversely affect our health. Lemon tea has the goodness of the nutrients of lemon and warm water which is considered apt for our stomach. Drinking one cup of lemon tea in the morning will make us energetic and refreshed for the whole day.

Experience complete detox:
If you drink a cup of lemon tea in the morning, it will give a boost to your metabolism rate. It means the food you eat gets converted into usable energy and the toxins in the stomach get flushed out through the passage of intestines. The toxins get accumulated as a result of the reaction of food with the enzymes present in the stomach. When the body gets detoxified, we are able to get rid of various diseases and infections that may otherwise occur in the body.

Relief from cold:
One should drink lemon tea to prevent the cold and flu from occurring as the vitamin C present in its contents helps in preventing the bacteria from infecting our immune system. If one is already suffering with cold, then too regular consumption of lemon tea (3- 4 times a day) helps in getting relieved from the symptoms of cold. You can add a hint of ginger in your lemon tea to get better and faster results.

Curing the edema:
When we undergo a surgery, there are always some side effects that we carry along with. The water and fluid retention in the tissues increase which gives rise to surgical swelling also known as edema. This condition can experience much relief with lemon tea. Doctors recommend that drinking lemon tea can cure the effects of post surgical conditions.

The women who give birth through cesarean process can opt for lemon tea after their delivery. They will experience better healing and comfort from post operative pain and swelling.


Healthy and Delicious Lemon Tea Recipes for Weight Loss

Do you have weight loss on your mind? One of the most natural ingredients that can help you in losing weight is lemon. Intake of lemon can be in various forms in your diet, but if you drink lemon tea in the morning, you will get considerably helped in the process of losing weight from your body. Here we present to you some of the popular recipes to prepare lemon tea that will give a refreshing kick start to your day:

Herbal Lemon Tea:
Ingredients: ½ tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp honey, ½ tsp powdered herbal tea, 1 cup of water
Put water to boil and add all the ingredients except honey. Let it simmer for a minute. When it cools down to warm temperature, add honey to it. Herbal Lemon Tea is ready! Sieve and enjoy your refreshing morning drink every day.

Ginger mint lemon tea:
Ingredients: 1 tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp herbal tea powder, ¼ tsp ginger powder, 3-4 fresh mint leaves, 2 tsp honey, 1 small pinch of salt, 1+ ½ cups of water

*The above preparation is for 1 cup of tea only, but due to boiling the amount of water may get reduced.
Put the water to boil and add all the ingredients when the bubbles start forming on the flame except honey. Let the ingredients emit their flavors in the water by allowing it to boil for 2-3 minutes. When this water cools down to become warm, add honey. Sieve and drink this refreshing cup of energy any time of the day!

Turmeric honey lemon tea:
Ingredients: ¼ tsp turmeric, ½ tsp lemon juice, ½ tsp honey and 1 cup of water.
Put the water on the flame and add the ingredients when it starts bubbling. Turn off the flame after letting it simmer for 30 seconds only. Add honey when you are ready to drink it.

These are some of the amazing and proven recipes of lemon tea that aid in weight loss. We have not used sugar in any of the recipes. You can use honey which contains natural fructose and doesn’t cause any harm. For better results, you can choose to not add any sweetener at all. All the best!